Monday, April 24, 2006

My Garden

It's fully in bloom, and I was inspired to break out the watercolors.

EDM-Draw Your Mug

... no not that mug...a cup!

Sunday afternoon in the garden, warming up for some watercolor painting, I fulfilled my Everyday Matters assignment (a little late... ssshhhhh, don't tell).

The cup comes from a set I received as a gift from my aunt. They are my favorite mugs, and I use them year long despite the Christmas theme.

Lost patience with it, so I didn't finish the watercolor set or the large Moleskine (which has yet to be used).

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Henry David Thoreau's Blog

In point of fact, the blog entries are excerpts from his journals, but a fun read nevertheless. From a cursory scan it would seem there is a new entry every day. Enjoy.

Thoreau's Blog

Monday, April 17, 2006

Illo Friday "Spotted"

I was messing around on the train on Friday night, and created this starting from the overall rectangle with arcs shape that I picked up from another rider's peasant blouse.

I showed it to a friend, and she said, "I want to see it in color." Instead of breaking out the colored pencils, I scanned it into the confuser and applied some color fills in Photoshop.

"Draw a bag/purse/wallet"

The subject of this "Everyday Matters" sketch was a creative project that I completed just a few days before I did the drawing. I made this bag out of the sleeve from an old sweatshirt, and a zipper from an old cycling jersey. It was the first time I'd ever sewn a zipper into anything, and I was pretty pleased that it fit as well as it did. The zipper was not part of the original plan. Frankly, I had no idea what kind of a closure I was going to use when I started.

I use the bag for my Moleskine, a box of 12 Derwent watercolor pencils (which you can see peeking out from inside the bag in the sketch, and assorted pens and pencils.

I did this sketch while riding home from work on the train.

Monday, April 10, 2006


I've started working my way through the "Everyday Matters" group list of weekly drawing assignments. The first assignment "draw a shoe" was done the week before last:

I got a little carried away with the shoe assignment, but it was fun.

This week's assignment is "draw a desk lamp or other lamp". I wasn't too happy with the desk lamp that I did in pen (on the left). I'm just not very confident working in pen. I'm much happier with the table lamp on the right that I did in pencil.