Thursday, May 24, 2012

Saturday's Sketches on Thursday

It's been a busy week at work, so it's taken me a good portion of the week to get around to posting these. We're all on the cusp of enjoying a long weekend, and I'm still reveling in the last one a bit.

Saturday was one of those ideal days when you just float from one relaxing bit of the day to the next, and only the idea popping into your head tells you what comes next.

Obviously, I spent some time in the garden, and I was not alone  :-)

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Saturday, May 05, 2012

The Eye of a Very Brave Woman

"'I knew how much Qaddafi armed himself, what he could do to people,' says Asma Gargoum, who spied on government troop movements for the rebels in Misrata." In "Women: The Libyan Rebellion's Secret Weapon" by Joshua Hammer, April 20012 Smithsonian magazine. Photos by Michael Christopher Brown

Just one instance amongst many of brave men and women stepping forward/up/above and beyond. I'm awed by her strength.

Then there's the other end of the spectrum...went to lunch and while I was waiting for my food, I scribbled. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the hair is the window dressing...ha! Just one instance amongst many of hungry men and women sitting down to a tasty lunch. I'm feeling a little full myself.

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