Monday, June 05, 2006

Ahh...the Weekend

As I was waiting for the train after work on Friday, I sat by the river and sketched this gargoyle. I didn't have enought time to fill in all the detail--might have to sit out there again sometime soon, and finish it properly.

Saturday I indulged myself with another sketchride. It ended up being a 34 mile ride, but took me hours because of two stops. I brought my Faber Castell color pencils with me and my pocket Moleskine sketchbook, and sat for at least 30 minutes at each stop.

The first stop was at Viking Park. I decided on a narrow field of view between two light poles. I'm particularly pleased with the way the roof of the outhouse turned out (yep, that building with the multi-peaked roof is an outhouse). While I was working on this, Murphy snuck up on me and stuck his nose right on my sketch and proceded to sniff my water bottle, hip pack (where there was a half eaten granola bar), and he rearranged my pencils onto the ground at my feet. Murphy is a 6-month-old Mastiff/Lab, and he is a sweetheart. He generously gave me some of his slobber, and I gave him some good scratches behind his ears. I also met Murphy's owner, Tim, and we had a pleasant but brief chat, and then Murphy was ready to move on.

The second stop of the day was at Wright Woods. Both of these locations will be familiar from my last sketchride because it was the same ride--what can I say, I'm not that creative in pickinng my routes. However, every ride is a little different from the other even if it's along the same path. Plus, there are so many great (and small) things to see at each location.

Thanks for reading!