Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Overcoming the Untouched Notebook

Akin to overcoming the blank page, overcoming the untouched notebook happens every time I have to...well...overcome the untouched notebook. It's the fear that the very first pen/pencil/brush stroke is going to be terrible and thusly "ruin" the rest of the book. Maybe it is a bit silly, but there you have it.

I cop out every time and cannibalize a Smithsonian magazine for the artwork of whichever artist they are featuring. The Moleskine I finished a couple of weeks ago featured Andrew Wyeth's work.

You can see the Smithsonian's June 2006 article about Andrew Wyeth here: Wyeth's World.

My current journal features Sir Alfred Munnings.

I make a practice of including more of the art and additional notes about the artist on the first few interior pages. This breaks the ice. The sketch on the opposite page was done in Door County, Wisconsin. Lookin' out the window, waiting to go to breakfast.

You can see the Smithsonian's October 2006 article about Sir Alfred Munnings here: The Painter Who Hated Picasso.


suzanne said...

I have a custom of leaving the first few pages blank and then coming back to them once I've already broken in the creates less pressure for perfection. However, I really like your idea and think I might have to adopt it on my next one! Hmm, who can I do a study on???

dcpeg said...

I really like your tree -- very interesting.