Monday, November 06, 2006


This has been a work in progress over some time. It was inspired by a description of the lute I read in the front matter that accompanied Sting's Songs From the Labyrinth CD.

It started life as a pencil sketch and then sat for a long time as I contemplated it. I bought a set of microns but worked in a few more details in pencil before I could commit to ink.

The "inlaid" lute's decorative banding is based on the inlaid decoration on a small box from my box collection.

I finally set to the small details with the microns, and finally worked out the final plan for the watercolor. I used Derwent watercolor pencils for the large and small lute, but used pan watercolor for the background wash.

My apologies for the paper shadows. I'm working in a sketchbook, and the paper isn't watercolor paper.

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