Sunday, February 18, 2007

Illo Friday "Gravity"

I was in bed reading last night when there was a horrendous crash. Peering over the top of my book revealed the bare supports for my closet shelf. Peering around the side of my book revealed the shelf askew atop a jumble of clothes in the bottom of my closet.

That which the supports had faithfully sustained for 11+ years finally became too heavy for them, and they shrugged the burden off their shoulders by wittingly sacrificing a portion of the wall to which they themselves were fastened. There is something sinister there, but far more disturbing is the heap of chaos I must now wrestle into some semblance of order again—no small feat, and sacrifices will have to be made. Some articles of clothing will not be returning to the closet.

On the upside, never have I had a more perfect illustration to submit to Illustration Friday before. Might I suggest that next week's word be a bit less calamitous than this week's "gravity?" Perhaps "puppy" or "unmitigated joy and riches"—or something along those lines? Thanks very much.


ksklein said...

lol.... sorry, but i just couldn´t help laughing out loud. hope you get that done soon :)

dcpeg said...

Looks like another job for Mr. Helper! After seeing your pic, I looked at the rod in our closet -- might not be too long for this world!!