Sunday, April 22, 2007

An Artist's Date in the Garden

It's been a really wonderful day. This morning I had a long-overdue bike ride, and I came home and sat out in the garden with a sketchbook and my Derwent pencils.

The tulip was very frustrating. It is a very flesh colored tulip. I had a very difficult time registering any depth in the drawing because I was attempting to remain true to the color. The color is so light, that it just wasn't working out. So I did the best I could with the basic form and then added some depth using colors that were not quite there. The final outcome is not objectionable, but a far cry from the real thing.

I stepped away from the tulip and did the periwinkle flower. Messed one up at the bottom of the page. I was about to write off the day as a "bad art day", but I wasn't ready to relinquish the sunshine just yet. I picked up the book again, drew the top preriwinkle, and decided the tulip couldn't get much worse and "finished" it.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

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dcpeg said...

When I clicked on your flowers to see them close up, I was really impressed with how you used color to add definition to the tulip. Nice job on the purple flower, too.