Friday, August 03, 2007

Pics of my New House! Yay!

My little bungalow...tee hee.

The back of the house as seen from the back of the property.

A fireplace in the living room! Yay! This was a must-have this time around.

The living room windows facing the front of the house still get a lot of light despite the three-season room on the font of the house.

From the three-season room through the french doors into the dining room.

The three-season room with the front door wide open.

The kitchen.

Still the kitchen.

The main hall from the foyer. Living room to the left, dining room to the right, three-season room behind.

The man room. Part of the basement is finished for a... let me see... maybe a tv room?


dcpeg said...

Where's my room? I'm ready to move in anytime you say -LOL!! I'm sure you know I couldn't be happier for you. You're gonna make this house a real HOME!!

Patty said...

I LOVE this house - and uh....sorry Peg, but I get first dibs on any extra space in the house because I'm closer geographically than you are. I'm thinkin' my drafting table could go out on that 3 season porch... Waddya say Nan?

Nan said...

Now girls, am I going to have to separate you? Well, now I can!

Guest room will be top of the stairs and straight ahead. Now I just have to get a bed for in there.

Aunt Patty, you read my mind. The easel is going to be on the porch on one side (by the living room) and the other side will have some wicker seating. The room isn't heated in the winter, so wicker it will have to be.

Pete said...


Beware, the vultures are circling! Besides, we all know which gifted chef, gardener, housekeeper and all around great guy you'd REALLY like hanging around! ;>) U.Pete

Nan said...

Buy it and they will come :-D


dcpeg said...

Hey - wait a minute! I'm the GODMOTHER here, so I've got dibs!! Besides Pete and Patty have their own houses -- I live in a lowly, little apartment, so give it up, you guys!!

John and Yvonne said...

Since we are thinking about the possibilities. Short bike ride from Beach Park, Short walk to the Beach, Child care...opps did I type that outloud?

Ok, seriously, the house looks really cool. It will be nice to have you close. Congratulations!

Child care = FIREWOOD :)

Sorry bout that, just can't get it out of my brain.

Welcome to the north!

Nan said...


Yes, you did type that out loud. :-D

Make it childcare = occassional help with home improvement projects, and we've got a deal! I'm thinking weekend get-togethers where John and I slave away on a project, and then join Yvonne and kids already frolicking at the beach. The day will culminate in a BBQ dinner. Tempted?

And, of course, I'd be happy to watch the kids too!

I've got dad tapped for a firewood supply already. I help him process the deadfall up at the cottage, and I get to cart away some of my hard work—nice. I can't wait for my first fire!!!!