Monday, February 09, 2009

Causal Relationships

Warm weather causes increased frequency of sketching.

First, a sketch of my desk lamp—not done while enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, but a few days before.

This weekend was so warm that a good portion of Kenosha's population came out into the open. I enjoyed walking along the lake and into town both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I was occupied with a bit of shopping at the HarborMarket which has been kindly relocated indoors at the Rhode Theatre for the winter months. I picked up a lovely crusty loaf of bread, and a bar of handmade lavender/mint soap.

After returning home with my purchases, I cut off the heel of the loaf and nibbled on it al fresco in the back yard amidst the melting piles of snow. There was enough warmth in the sun to justify breaking out a lawn chair to sit and read for a while. The cat even joined me for a while, although he was not appreciative of soggy paws, so his visit out of doors was fairly short.

Sunday was not quite as warm, but there was far less wind than Saturday, so it felt just as warm. Sunday I set out from the house with the intention of sketching.

The Kenosha lakefront has undergone quite a bit of development, and near the marina there are a couple of parks for kids. In the summer Kermit's fountain is a soggy draw for kids. There are some other sprinkler type fountains at this location with additional critters that I'll undoubtedly sketch in the future.

I continued my walk along the lakefront, around the main marina building and over to Harbor Park which is a great green expanse allowing room to play while also containing gardens, statuary, sculpture and memorial parks.

One of many light posts in the park:

At first glance, it looked like the couple below was enjoying a day on the waterfront, flying a kite. Then she opened her mouth to scream at her dog to "GET OVER HERE NOW!!!!" and the situation became somewhat clearer. He was having a blast, she was freezing her butt off desiring very much to "GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!"

I saw the kite lift into the air once, and crash to the earth, and then I was about ready to move on.

From my park bench, I also did a quick sketch of the Kenosha Public Museum—more of a scribble really.

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dcpeg said...

Great marketing for Kenosha, Nan. I'm ready to move there!! Wish I could have been with you on your walks. Bet I could have gotten my kite to fly, too! We had much the same weather here, but we were both feeling a bit "under the weather" so didn't get out to enjoy it other than driving with the sun roof open going and returning from the grocery.