Friday, March 06, 2009

Unseasonably Warm

We're experiencing some unseasonably warm weather up here in Wizzzconsin. It began in earnest yesterday, and the ripple effect was that yesterday was a nearly perfect day. Stayed on top of work projects in the morning, so at lunchtime I was able to enjoy my first outdoor bicycle ride of the year. Then, in the late afternoon I took the cat out on his leash to enjoy the last warm rays of the sun.

I'd have spent more time on this sketch of my little Japanese Maple, but the cat was wondering all over, and I felt the need to explore with him.

In the early evening, with the very last of the sun's rays bathing me and the sleeping kitty in their warm glow, I gazed lovingly at my Tubey Nirvana reflecting on the day's ride, and sketched her beautiful saddle...the end to a nearly perfect day.

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Sherry said...

Ah, a fellow Wisconsinite! I'm in Janesville, and it WAS a lovely warm day, wasn't it? My daffodils are just peeking out of the soil, and I decided that today was the day to walk my poinsettia to the compost heap. Good-Bye winter!

Nan said...

Very beautiful, and my snow is almost melted!