Monday, February 22, 2010

Philip Seymour Hoffman Sketch

According to the Arts & Entertainment section of the Chicago Tribune, Mr. Hoffman will be directing "The Long Red Road" at the Goodman Theater. The article here.

Gonna have to get tickets for that!

Drawing from a Chris Walker photo on front page of Chicago Tribune. I believe this link is correct, but couldn't find the specific photos from this article in the portfolio. The Trib is little light on photo credits...had to go searching for it in the article, and it was related to a different photo. So, if anyone out there knows better, please comment.

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dcpeg said...

PHS is one of my favorites! You're lucky to have him in Chicago to direct. I wish he'd make more movies.

dcpeg said...

. . . PSH. . . . *sigh*

Nan said...


Ditto and ditto