Monday, April 05, 2010

Sketch of Steve Powers

Steve powers was featured in the May 2010 Artist's Magazine* in an article written by Larry Humber talking about his love letter project in Philadelphia (series of 50 murals with a boy's pitch for romance to his girl). No photo credit given, so I'm guessing Larry took the photo too.

* Sorry link will only take you to a site where you can order the magazine, but they have snippets of the contents of the issue.

I just had to sketch him as soon as I saw that hair...who could resist?!?!

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beebimbop said...

Awesome. I'll have to look up an article on Powers and his love letters! Or I could just ask him about it next time I'm in Philly? I'll see him on this street, "Hey, that guy looks familiar ... hm?" :)

Nan said...

Ha! I tell ya, I should be more careful...I sometimes forget how small the world is now :-D

dcpeg said...

Oh yeah -- it's all about the hair!!

beebimbop said...

I know Sharpie isn't your medium of choice - you are above jr. high school age :) But, I really loved this: