Monday, October 18, 2010

Sketchcrawl 29 Results

Saturday was Worldwide Sketchcrawl 29, and the Kenosha group (of 5) met up at Hawthorn Hollow for a bit o' sketching.

I decided to add a bit more work to my Red, White, Black and Crinkly All Over homemade sketchbook. The craft paper packaging makes a tough surface fro pencil sketching (as you can tell from these scans), but I really like the effect of pen and limited color. So, the building and tree stump drawings are works in progress.

Here are a few photos from the day (much easier on the eyes):

This one is, essentially, the photo reference for the drawing above, although the pencil sketch was done on location.

Same fungus as drawing, but a different view.

The other big events of the weekend included attending the Stained Glass Coffeehouse in Deerfield with Mom and a couple of her friends.

Sunday I met up with some good friends of my own to take a tour and have a tasting at Valentino Vineyards. Enjoyable tour, tasty wine and great friends...does it get any better?

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dcpeg said...

Beautiful shots, Nan! Seeing the mushrooms on the trees reminded me of many, many years ago when I used to take younger kids for nature walks on the old McCormick Estate. There were plenty of interesting mushrooms to observe.

Nan said...

Thanks AP. Yep, the woods are filled with all sorts of treasure.