Thursday, March 10, 2011

Faith in Politic(ian)s Rebalanced

It's easy [for me] to get jaded about the state of might have picked up on some of that from a recent post. Then there comes along a reminder of the hard work some politicians [and diplomats] are doing, and more importantly, doing well. It gives me hope that there are far more deliberate, open, understanding and generally level-headed public figures at work in the world than there are the other kind...ahem.

The link below arrived in my email via my grandmother because this particular ambassador is related through marriage, so there is, admittedly, a bit of familial pride in this post. There is also a large dose of national pride that my country can still recognize a great ambassador when it sees one.

"America's Outspoken Ambassador", an interview with U.S. Ambassador to Estonia Michael C. Polt by Scott Diel, ERR News, Estonian Public Broadcasting.

"United States Ambassador to Estonia Michael C. Polt has developed a reputation as a diplomat who doesn't shy away from good discussion. ERR News spoke with the ambassador about Wikileaks, recent Tallinn city government events, as well as the American view of Russia."

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dcpeg said...

Hear, Hear!! Glad you posted this.

Though Mike is technically diplomat, he's a politican in many ways. Like Illinois' Dick Durbin and a few more, Mike works hard to reflect real American values. I'm proud of him!

Nan said...

Excellent clarification, AP. Thanks