Friday, May 27, 2011

All About Clover...and Gimli

A post for those who have been asking about the critters...

Sitting with my Moleskine open on my lap, I was trying to figure out what to draw, and Clover dumped Santa in my lap. I believe she had other intentions than that I pick up a pencil and start sketching her toy. She allowed me to get the basic shape of its head, arms, and body and then she was having no more of my foolishness. She stole it back again in a puppy huff. She tried to take my pencil too, but I was having none of that. 
This would be an infinitely better photo of Clover if my shadow wasn't looming over her.

Sleepy in the sunshine after a round of fetch.

Meanwhile...Gimli was in his favorite spot by the pond, eyeing every bird in the vicinity.

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dcpeg said...

What a pair of cuties!