Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Evening Walk

It wasn't easy to get Clover to pose for me. There were a few photos of her tail up in the air as she jumped down from the bench. And a few other photos with a Hollywood-worthy motion blur in place of her head. In case you're wondering, her ears do that naturally. They have a full an extraordinary range of motion...sometimes braiding themselves in a long plait down her back. Yeah, ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit.

This is the photo I selected for the 365 Days of Lake Michigan group on Flickr (a group of 2 at the moment...have a way to go). The moonrise was spectacular this evening. It was huge and dark orange on the horizon with whips of clouds across it.

The resolution is set as high as it will go on my cell phone's camera. Even so, on a full zoom, I get a lovely pixelization effect. What do I expect, right? I just had to try to capture the moonlight across the water. Oooooooo...Ahhhhhhhhh

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