Thursday, May 15, 2014

Now Here

Striving, struggling, hoping and planning
One foot in front of the other
Collecting, arranging, scheduling and organizing.

Striving to be the hyperbolic human.

Supermom, specialist, expert and fluent
One foot in front of the other
Rising above, forgiving, bridging the clich├ęd gap.

Still striving to be the hyperbolic human.

Standing anywhere at any time the breeze blows a whisp of hair in my face, across the bridge of my nose.
Leave the hand at your side, and turn your face to the wind, girl.
The lock shifts away.
Inhale and smell...damp earth or hot asphalt or honeysuckle or...
Inhale. Drop your shoulders. Let ease consume you.

Shoulders fall, jaw slackens, eyes close. Exhale.
Inhale...the world's immaculate odor. Fragrant or foul...Earth.

Exhale the body into the Earth...exhale Being.
Release hyperbolic human and be:
At the end of the simple exhalation, cough...gently, and cough repeatedly and softly until all air deserts you. Chuff your wind into the world.
Collapse your Self.

Physiologically and deeply inhale and you are primal.
Now you breathe to exist, sweet simple existence.
Simply existing is Being.  Permission and affirmation not required.
I am. I exist. Enough.


dcpeg said...

That's a magnificent poem, Nan! Did you write it?

Nan said...

Thanks! I did.