Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Weekend Project

Even before I had a garden to plant, I had house plants. At one time, I had 204 house plants. Their numbers have dwindled somewhat since I now have a garden, but I will never abandon my house plants entirely.

I also have a 3-season room on the front of my house, and it looks so much better filled with leafy greens. I have to watch myself, however, because all those leafy greens have to come inside in that pesky 4th season that lasts soooooo long.

Problem: Where can I keep these plants? Where will they get the same bright light they prefer?

It sure would be nice if I could use this space. I already have a stand in one corner, but there is only so much room on the landing. Hmmmm...

I know **lightbulb-over-head moment**! I'll use some of those boards from the old bookshelves in the basement to make a plant platform!

Some time with my table saw, jig saw, sander, drill, clamps and foam brush and ta da! Well, maybe not entirely a ta da because, as you can see, I forgot one key step before I made my mitered cuts—I didn't rip the boards to get rid of the old outlet openings...oopsie! Lucky for me, I'm not a perfectionist and I choose to think those "add character."

Hopefully, my plants will live happily ever after traveling between their summer and winter homes!

Thanks for stopping by!


dcpeg said...

Love this!! It's perfect in every way. Your oxalis looks so much better than mine. I thought they didn't like bright sunlight because mine always sort of wilts when I give it full sun. Any suggestions. BTW, is you're part of your great grandfather's? I always freak when mine seems to go into a coma because I don't want to break the tradition!

Nan said...

Mine is not looking as good right now. I think the cold is starting to get to it. The sun is far enough to the south that the plants don't ever get direct sunlight. If they were there all summer they would, but they go to the font porch. Not a family cutting, no. A little less pressure to keep it alive. Phew!