Monday, November 28, 2005

The Christmas Kickoff

After a marvelous Thanksgiving dinner over at Aunt Patty's it was time to kick off the Christmas season. My tree went up the very next day (a tradition in my house)——an all day project because of all the lights on the inside and outside of the beast. I'll post some pictures later.

Saturday brought a special treat. Mom and I took the train into Chicago and went to Christkindlemarket in Daly Plaza and then stood in line to see the Marshall Field's Christmas window display.

The lines at every food booth in the Christkindlemarket were really long, but we hopped in one for roasted almonds (one of my very favorite, once-a-year treats). We also found a booth tucked in a corner where we could get some hot apple cider.

When we were slowly making a circuit inside a glass ornament shop, we looked up and there were cousin Bruce and Judy and family! It's a very small world. We chatted a bit and went our separate ways but met up with them again in line for the Marshall Field's windows. Here are a few pictures of the tree in Daly Plaza and the toy train set up in the Christkindlemarket:

After completing the circuit of the windows at Field's, we all went inside to see the tree. This year it was decked out in Swarovski crystal ornaments, and we made the trek up to the eighth floor observation deck to take some pictures and oooh and aaah at the tree. Sorry the photo is so dark——the battery was going:

Bruce and Judy had plans to continue their shopping along Michigan Ave., and Mom and I were planning to find a place for dinner before heading home so we parted company again.

Mom and I headed north to Shaw's Crabhouse for dinner and then walked back to the train station to join the throngs of humanity going home.

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