Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Here's a link to the history of Thanksgiving in the U.S. Just in case you've been anxious to read up all over again.

The Pilgrims' Real First Thanksgiving

I think it's a little redundant to say I'm thankful for my loving family, good health, holiday get-togethers, etc. because I'm always grateful for those people/things/times. So I've decided to pick out a few of the lesser-known items I'm grateful for that you might not know about:

I'm grateful for my electric blanket and jersey sheets, because in the dead of winter I can pre-heat my beddy-by and thaw my frozen toes.

I'm grateful for the impending expansion of the train schedule on my line.

I'm grateful for the friendly greetings I get from Nicole at Specialty Bakery when I stop in for my Wednesday Morning Mocha (a mid-week boost to break up the monotony).

I'm grateful for the new computer I finally got at the office after a year of paperwork asking for it and nagging anyone who would listen.

I'm grateful for the opportunities the boss man gives me to write for our magazines because I am, after all, just the art director. He could tell me to do my job and stay out of everyone else's business, but he doesn't.

I'm grateful for my crock pot which fills my wee house with delightful aromas on weekends when I get the itch to cook up a batch of Veggie Chili, a pot roast, or a stew.

I'm grateful for Gimli the jungle cat--fearsome defender of the house and occasional lookout (when the mood strikes him).

Tell me what quirky things you're grateful for this year. And have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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