Friday, December 09, 2005

More Christmas!

Christmas is drawing ever closer, and it has hit my house full-tilt. Here's what Christmas looks like in my house.

I do a light display in each window of my house (I have 6 of 'em). From the outside, it looks like there is a Christmas tree in every window. From the inside, they look a little like this.

Here's my tree in all its glory. Please note the cat on the right--he's about to pull back the blind and look out the window. He's very talented at that. I think the baby Jesus got smacked in the face by his tail a few times in the process--cat blasphemy.

Last weekend was cookie baking weekend. My oven and counters--primed and ready to bake.


I also did gingerbread cookies.

1 comment:

dcpeg said...

I'm impressed with your cooking and artistic talents! Love your window trees -- cool idea. You GO GIRL!!