Monday, May 01, 2006

Illo Friday "Under the Sea"

I created my first ATCs (artist trading cards) this weekend using the Illustration Friday topic as my subject.

The first step was the sketch, and it was very important to me because I decided to take the plunge into the deep end of the pool and create a triptych ATC.

I prepped two sets of cards just in case I completely botched one, but ended up with a pretty decent result after the first. Here's the resulting triptych:

The additional cards were put to use as individual ATCs sans the "border fish":

After finishing these, I contemplated the act of actually trading them away, and now I'm doing the individuals in my Moleskine so I always have a set for me.

If you are interested in trading for these, please send me an email at nlemmel (at) aol (dot) com with "Under the Sea ATCs" as the subject (so I can sift it out of the spam).

Thanks for reading.


steve said...

Great work--love the triptych idea. seeing the process unfold is always interesting too--thanks for sharing that.

Pickledog said...

Wonderful illustration, very soft and dream like. I enjoy the fish changing direction in the center.

Alina Chau said...

Awesome illo!! love the style, and great idea too!

Alina Chau said...
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carla said...

These are really nice...the teiptych is excellent...each oen functions individually and they make a great composition together.