Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sketchride 5-6-06

Last Saurday I went out for what ended up being a 36-mile bike ride, and I took my Moleskine pocket sketchbook and a pencil along.

I've read about organized events called "Sketchcrawls" where artists get together and wander around to different sites/restaurants/what-have-you and at each stop they complete a sketch. This inspired me to do a "Sketchride". I only made two rest stops, but here are the results:

The main thing I discovered about this combined activity is that the two are not necessarily suited for each other. The sketching changed the way I ride, and the riding changed the way I sketched. I had to take a little time to calm down during each stop before I could draw, and even then it was hard to draw a straight line. The sketching required more rest time than I normally take while I'm riding which meant I had to "warm up" all over again when I got back on the bike.

Saturday was a beautiful day, however, and it was delightful to be out and about without a clock hanging over my head.

Thanks for reading.

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