Thursday, April 02, 2009

Christmas in April

It was Christmas in April when the mail came this morning—so many treasures!

My long anticipated copy of Sketch Infectus by Joe Bluhm arrived with his promised original sketch and extra goodies. I'll be lingering over the pages of this book. Until I do (this evening) it is going to sit on the corner of my desk whispering the promise of good times to come. Drool....

Padded envelope #2 showed Amy's now familiar handwriting, and inside was Chensio's Moly for the MolyX 42 exchange. I instantly opened the pages unveiling the amazing work so far captured therein, and just stood for a while staring. Seeing these moleskines up close and personal is an understated but definite benefit to being involved in an exchange. I will greedily be shooting snaps before I send the book onward. Drool again....

Finally, a chubby envelope demanded my attention, and inside I found the also long anticipated wedding invitation of a friend and colleague.

I wish my mail could be like this every day. But as with all special occasions, if they happened every day would they be as special?

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dcpeg said...

WOW! What a gift to get all those goodies in your mail!! I'll bet getting those molies was even better than getting an old fashioned hand written letter. Enjoy!!