Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Stairs

As viewed from the dining room.


dcpeg said...

You have such a talent for drawing realistic looking wood! I wish you'd do that more often. Loved your take on the cottage, too. Maybe you should start a hobby of faux painting wood grain for wealthy clients. . ..???

Nan said...

Thanks, AP. There's a tool that creates a faux woodgrain effect in paint...I've seen one at work on a home improvement show. I'm guessing even the rich folks would rather spend $3.50 on a gadget than $350 on little old me. :-D

dcpeg said...

"Rich" people usually don't have much sense when it comes to money, sorta like rich food. "Wealthy" people, on the other hand, know the value of good work and wouldn't go for the creepy looking faux finishes made by gadgets. [not sure where all that came from, but I'm letting it ride anyway. . . ] AP

p.s. XOXOX