Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Hour at The Stump

This is my first person point-of-view of happy hour at The Stump.

Allow me to back the story up a bit. I recently got a bargain on an Adirondack chair...a chair I have been dreaming of adding to the backyard for about as long as I've lived here...yes, both years. Anyway, the local hardware store had one, slightly beat up, unfinished, down-at-the-mouth Adirondack sitting out in front of their store for dirt cheap, so my dream finally came true. The only thing missing was a spot to rest the barkers as the DAM (Down-At-the-Mouth) Adirondack was lacking a matching foot stool.

As it happens, I was transferring my wood pile from the soon-to-be-scrap-heap shed to the garage, and lo and behold The Stump was revealed to me once again. Ol' stumpy had been put to work at one time as a wood splitting surface, but since he's got a bit of a slope to him, he was not altogether reliable in this regard. Turns out he's the perfect shape to lend aid and comfort to the barkers! He has some rustic flair to boot, so I believe he's found himself a lifetime gig.

This wee sketch really doesn't do him justice, but I'm sure I'll find myself in this very spot of repose quite frequently, and when I do, Stumpy might become a regular feature of my sketches.

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