Saturday, August 08, 2009

Doodles +

It started to look a little like a golf course to me, and the instant after that happened, I lost interest.

She's the picture of vim and vigor—so much beauty and character! Sketched from a who's rubbing elbows with whom photo from Wine Spectator.

What do you suppose is/was behind those doors?

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beebimbop said...

Oh, my! White bob, big shades and a larger-than-life bloom - I think I may want to be a little like Ms. Mondavi someday.

Hi, Nan! Hope you're having an enjoyable summer.

Nan said...

She's spunky alright!

Hi Kirstyn! It's been a pretty nice summer. Lots o' work, but some fun stuff in there too. Hope yours has been nice too—I like your travelogue entries from your meanders around NY...good stuff that

dcpeg said...

". . . isn't she lovely; isn't she won . .der. .ful" -- Apologies to Stevie Wonder, but that's what popped into my head when I saw your sketch of Margrit M.!! I'd love to meet her! ;-)

locuriatoons said...

que lindas cosas q ases,te admiro,geniaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!kisesssssssss!!!!!!!1