Monday, December 21, 2009

Door County Sketches

This past weekend I enjoyed a quick trip up to Door County with Dad and Connie. The only mar on the weekend was a cold in my nose. still a very nice trip.

I did a bit of doodling in my Moleskine on the drive up. It was cumulative—a silo here, a tree there.

Dad and Connie went to buy some groceries, and I hung out at the cottage enjoying a little time to sketch the fireplace. Later in the evening, the fireplace was put to good use while the snow fell in the silent woods around us.

A small sketchy still life of items on the mantel.

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dcpeg said...

So glad you were able to get away for the weekend! Nice sketching, too. Sorry about the code id yur node!! Get better fast. Luvya!!

Anonymous said...

I like the farm-y sketch especially, and your mention (admission?) of "cumulative doodling"
Why not? Here's some of mine done that way (on a road trip), and then the individual "cumulative doodles" combined in a "cumulative layout" that felt much more satisfying to me than any of it's parts:

[I guess you'd have to copy and paste that link, since I see it doesn't become active (in the preview here anyway)]

And no, I was NOT driving while I did these doodles.

Happy New Year!