Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catching Up

This lamp was hanging on the wall in a movie background. Can't remember the movie, but it was a great lamp—very tall. Left an impression in the gray matter, so it got drawn. I'm pretty sure about the height of the lamp, and the pointed metal trim, but the base of the lamp came out a bit plain since I couldn't really see much more detail. I'm usually not very good at drawing from memory, but this turned out alright. It's a simple object, so I guess my simple brain could handle it.

The molding on the top of my tv cabinet. There were a lot of reflections, curves and angles going on there. It's pretty close.

The cherub's face looked downright evil, so it was erased with a sub-par eraser. The orchid was drawn from a real, live flower of mine, but it looks so flat that I believe I'll rewrite history and say it was drawing from a pressed flower—then it looks pretty good, right?


MuseSwings said...

Very nice! Even the faceless cherub.

dcpeg said...

Nice job on the cabinet detail-good highlights. Too bad about the cherub's face. Aren't they sometimes devious little critters, though? Maybe the face was appropriate afterall. . ..? ;)

Nan said...

Thanks! Well, the gray splotch makes the cherub look a little creepy too, so it's all good :-P