Saturday, January 24, 2009

Illo Friday "Climbing"

My contribution to Illustration Friday is a Nile Monitor climbing a tree stump in the Everglades. Sketched from a photo by Jeremy Woodhouse and published in the National Wildlife Federation magazine in an article about invasive species.

Wednesday of last week, I took a walk down to the marina. It was COLD! So what would have been a slightly larger drawing turned into a drawing of a single boathouse. I think I'm pretty much finished with winter at this point. It's been nice, but I'm ready for spring.

Thanks for stopping by!


dcpeg said...

Excellent lizard, Nan! I also like the way you draw wood grain and bark. Glad you didn't stay out too long. Can't sketch much with frost-bitten fingers!

CATI said...

I like this interpretation, And I love lizards! I like it!