Monday, January 05, 2009

Sloth! this title just doesn't quite have the same impact as my previous post's title. Let's face it, these guys just aren't scary.

Sloths seem like they'd be the wild animal voted most likely to come over to your place, swill some beer, nosh some 'za, and kick back to watch the game. Of course, you might want to discourage that because if you think a cat's claws are a nightmare on your furniture, have you SEEN the claws on these bad boys?!? No thanks.

The National Wildlife Federation's magazine is proving to be a font of inspiration. The photo I used for this particular drawing was taken by Steven Kirkpatrick from Mississippi. He won first place in the "Mammals, Professional" category in the magazine's photo contest. Congratulations, Steven, and thanks for the material! You can see the original photo, and all the other winners, at

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dcpeg said...

I sometimes wish I could just hang out in the trees and handle life in slow motion. Loved the expression on your sloth's face!