Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Blizzard of '11

The snow was up to my back door...had to shove my way out. You can still see some traces of snow on the door. For perspective, that fence is a 7 footer. The snow right up against it on the left drifted that way. The snow just in front of the stairs also drifted that needs to be moved to the ginormous pile on the right, so it doesn't melt right up against the foundation.

Along the back of the house looking the other direction.

Looking back the length of my back yard from the house. That little forsythia bush in the middle is about 3 feet high...why couldn't all the snow drift there in the middle of the yard!?!?!?  :-D

Looking out from the top of the front steps.

Along the driveway...the snow drifted up against the red brick chimney is probably about 6 feet high.

My snowy but snug home sweet home.

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dcpeg said...

Bee yoo tee fool, but OMG!! Hope you didn't have to shovel all of that! Take care and take it easy, dear-heart. Ya don't need no hernias!!!