Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin in Upheaval

What is happening in the state of Wisconsin today is more than the usual budget debate. In case you haven't heard, our Democratic Senators have LEFT WISCONSIN in order to avoid being compelled by the STATE POLICE to appear in the capitol for the vote today, and the reason behind their collective decision needs to be understood by democrats and republicans alike.

Those of you who know me well, know I am not a political person. What I'm seeing in Wisconsin at the moment, however, compels me to speak out because the stakes are high and the repercussions could be felt nationally. The media is not covering the issue with as much depth as they should—it isn't headlining properly since it's being minimize to just another budget protest. The video above is eye is long, so I apologize for that. It does take the in-depth look at what is behind the upheaval in Wisconsin today.

Now, I am often skeptical about the media as well, so I don't give Rachel Maddow my complete blind faith either, but her evidence is compelling, and the collective actions of the people (via multiple state-wide protests) and, mostly, the senators (via their exodus from the state) lend credence to her argument. This is what compels me to share this video.

Argument and opposition are at risk here, and make no mistake, argument and opposition are the ultimate checks and balances in our government...a thinking government where voices are heard. Recently argument and opposition have been vilified because they have fallen to the depths of depravity reflected by personal violence. It is up to us, democrats and republicans alike, to pick up argument, opposition, discourse and debate from the gutter of our own extremism, and meet each other in civility. That is what is at stake in Wisconsin today.

I call you to action simply to be informed, so you can join in the that we can continue to have the two-party system that makes our nation great because it causes us to be deliberate and not rash or blind in our actions.

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Diane said...

Well said, Nan. Thanks for sharing.

dcpeg said...

Been watching this mess on CNN and never watch MSNBC. I didn't know WI had such a huge surplus, but I still don't like your gov's attempt at union busting. And, to exempt unions that supported his campaign is so obviously stupid and self-serving that I can't see how he'll get away with it. This situation reminds of of what Congress is constantly doing to the District -- screwing us over!!