Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Sketching Outside in February

We're having a few days of warmth in Wisconsin, and I spent as much time outside yesterday as I could. There was some snow shifting to accomplish since I don't want it melting into my basement. The payoff was being able to sit out in the back yard for a while enjoying the sunshine.

The piles of snow are still pretty high, so the view above was partially obstructed. This sketch represents about a half hour of outdoor enjoyment. Ultimately, I was outside for a few hours futzing with this and that just to take advantage of the break. I know we still have quite a bit of winter ahead of us, but this was a wonderful, much-needed respite from the cold.

Happy Valentine's Day, and thanks for stopping by!


dcpeg said...

Happy St. Valentine's Day to you, too! Lovely sketch and I'm so glad you all are enjoying a respite from winter.

The windows and balcony door are open as I write this. Isn't it grand when you can open up and bring some fresh air into the house during the middle of winter?!!

Nan said...

Thanks AP! I'm lovin' the warmth...walked up to the library on my lunch hour. Checked out a new book, brought it home, and sat in the back yard again for a bit reading in the sunshine.

A bit too cold to open the house up, but not too cold to be out there drinking in the fresh air :-D

Glad to hear you're enjoying it too!

dcpeg said...

I hope you're going to get the 60s we're supposed to have tomorrow and Friday. Yeah, sitting outside is a real treat this time of year.