Monday, June 02, 2008

25th Anniversary Party Pics (and 200th Post)

Sorry it's been such a long time, but I finally have something worthy of a 200th post.

Gimli was a very good host for the evening. "Hurry up! They're coming!"

Liquid refreshments on the back porch.

Mixin' and minglin' in the back yard. View 1.

View 2.

View 3.

Phil & Maddie and Dad & Connie—feelin' a photo comin' on.

Phil & Roger have had a very happy 25 years together...oh, uh...that's Connie & Roger...yeah, right.

Note to self: Time to get back on the bike. Or switch places with Erin next time, chucklehead. Oh, **ahem** hi, family photo taken by Tom Tarpey—expert photographer currently moonlighting as gardener.

Our fantastic, talented entertainment for the evening: Heather Broadbent, violinist (, and Andrea (I'm ashamed to say I didn't get her last name), cellist. They played music near and dear to us all, and were indulgent and patient with us when we asked them to play those pieces again. And, happily, the neighbors reported enjoying the music as well!

The cake, obviously. The credit goes to Chef Julie White of Gourmet Everyday for this beautiful creation in addition to dinner and appetizers (in reverse chronological order). It was mighty tasty too!

Chef Julie created a wonderful presentation for all the food as well. It was reeeeeaaaalllly nice not having to lift a finger—we were all very spoiled. Thanks Julie!

Chef Julie giving the Suthards (and a Bolton) the low-down on her biz, for future reference. Sorry, I didn't get pics of the table before everyone tore into the eats.

Alas, there was no mushing of cake up each other's noses. They might pride themselves on a remaining silliness in their relationship, but it's a moderate and appropriately distinguished silliness that does not, I repeat does not, include smeared cake. Awwwww...Okaaaay.

Finally the warm wishes of loved ones, and some **ahem** other "entertaining" material.

Thanks for stopping by!


dcpeg said...

Your Dad is incredibly brave to wear shorts in public. Those legs!! At least they don't look like cottage cheese ;-O!

Heard great things about your party from different people. Good job, WOMAN!! XOXOX

Nan said...

Thanks, AP!