Monday, June 23, 2008

Lunch Break Sketching

There was a slight slow down in the madness at work today, so for a change I got out of the office at lunchtime. There are some nice benches at the corner of Wacker and Lake in Chicago, and you can just glimpse the Specialty's Bakery over the raised garden beds when you're sitting in the little oasis. The green stuff is the only thing that makes it an oasis because the "L" still rumbles by, and the road traffic is there for your listening pleasure as well. Still, it's not the office... sitting at the desk... staring at the computer, so it's a big improvement.

Didn't get all the details finished up, and I'll probably never do so. It is just a sketch after all. It was a marvelously relaxing way to spend part of my lunch hour though.

Thanks for stopping by!


Paint Boston said...

Nice job, and Chicago will give you lots of possibilities - I'm addicted to lunch time sketches - so much better for the mind. After a few times you'll have a good feel for how much drawing you can take on in those minutes.

PamYla said...

Wow very nice lunch time sketch. YOu have a lot of detail in this it looks great!

Anetka said...

marvelous sketch!! I know how it is finding even a few minutes to stay away from the office, comps, screens...anything just to catch a breath:)

thanks for encouragament to start my own sketching lunch breaks:)

Shelly McC said...

Great drawing! Love the detail!

Nan said...

Thanks everyone!