Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I'm happy with the birdie's head, but as I worked lower, the drawing went to caca. From this Flickr photo.

Crazy deadlines over the next two days for work, so I'm posting later than usual today. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

The Birds
by William Blake

He. Where thou dwellest, in what grove,
Tell me Fair One, tell me Love;
Where thou thy charming nest dost build,
O thou pride of every field!

She. Yonder stands a lonely tree,
There I live and mourn for thee;
Morning drinks my silent tear,
And evening winds my sorrow bear.

He. O thou summer's harmony,
I have liv'd and mourn'd for thee;
Each day I mourn along the wood,
And night hath heard my sorrows loud.

She. Dost thou truly long for me?
And am I thus sweet to thee?
Sorrow now is at an end,
O my Lover and my Friend!

He. Come, on wings of joy we'll fly
To where my bower hangs on high;
Come, and make thy calm retreat
Among green leaves and blossoms sweet.

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dcpeg said...

I agree with you, but below the head isn't caca -- I think you just ran out of paper and had to scrunch his body.