Sunday, January 03, 2010

Vive le roi!

After ruminating for a LONG time, and drawing a veritable menagerie of animals, I've finally centered my attention on the king of beasts for Jenn's "Favorite Animal" moleskine for MolyX-42. Focusing my attention on just one animal was tough, cuz I like them all! But the photo really inspired me on this one.

I'm working from a photo by Beverly Joubert that appeared on the conservation page in the January 2010 issue of National Geographic magazine. You can view the original photo here.

More information about the Big Cats Initiative.

Posting the rough might let the cat out of the bag (sorry... you know I just had to), but there are some compositional foibles here, and the final will have a bit more going on—I think... or maybe not... hmmmmm.

Thanks for stopping by!


dcpeg said...

. . . yeah . . . you just had to do it.

If you ever feel so include, UB adores cheetahs. Could you maybe draw one for him???

dcpeg said...

. . .include??? INCLINED is what I meant. OY!

Nan said...

You betcha!

Anonymous said...

Nice action pose for your lion sketch!
There's a great article (with photos) about lions in Smithsonian Magazine, Jan. issue.
It says they can be 10 ft. long & may weigh 400 lbs., and that they sleep up to 20 hrs a day!

Happy New Year.