Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Progress without responsibility can lead to conspicuous consumption among other things. Balancing a realistic view of limited natural resources and mankind's true needs can lead to healthy progress for all—progress and invention along sustainable lines.

Great ideas from the past can be quoted and revered, but they shouldn't have so much sanctity that they loose the flexibility of been judged by current standards. Creation for the sake of creation by unreasonable men has led to some truly wonderful things, but also to some really horrifying things. Creation with forward thinking is closer to an ideal—still not ideal, but closer.

Your thoughts?


dcpeg said...

Caution: instant gratification may lead to spontaneous combustion.

Nan said...


I guess you showed me... :-P

dcpeg said...

But you said it so gracefully! You really made me think and I'm sure when the gray matter gets a chance to recharge, I'll have something more appropriate to offer.