Monday, January 14, 2008

Can't Argue With This...

...but then I like walking, so I probably wouldn't argue anyway.

I didn't place the quote properly, so the whole thing got a little too close to the right-hand edge of the page.

I had a lovely walk to the train station this morning, and my evening walk home was decorated with fresh snowfall—slower going, but really pretty. It's a shame we can't switch of winter and switch on the fresh greenery of spring. Not that I'm advocating an early end to winter—don't want to upset that apple cart. Just expressing the opinion that the early spring browns and grays are really not all that wonderful. Spring is awesome, it's just that little dead zone between the end of winter and the beginning of spring that is visually repugnant. Not every season change can be the bell of the ball, and it's got to follow on the heels of one of the best decorated holiday seasons (Thanksgiving, of course...ahem). Still, you'd think the opener to spring could have a little flair.

Oh, I know, you say, "But Nan, what about the crocus?"

Sure the crocus is very nice, but come tiny flower to undo that vast expanse of brown lawn you've got spread out before you!?!? That's a little David and Goliath, no? Unless you can really focus on the crocus, you don't stand a chance. I think I'll end on that little charmer.

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dcpeg said...

I'm with you on your "dead zone" thinking. Winter is beautiful -- when everything is covered in snow. The gray/brown of early Spring just isn't.