Monday, January 21, 2008

In Honor of the Day

A great man, a great speech, but a terrible likeness...sigh.

Are we a little closer now to his dream? Would it be disappointing to him that we aren't closer to reaching it than we currently are?

The 2008 presidential race is inspired, and inspiring for more that the obvious reason than the diverse candidates on the ballot. The American public seems to be shaking off its lethargy and disinterest to step up and move the country. True, it remains to be decided where the majority of the country thinks we should be heading, but people are thinking and participating.

Dr. King used the word "dream". That word implies an ideal that must actively be sought. He could have used the word "vision" to drive home the impression that the ideals would be reached. The word "vision" would have been more hopeful and more assertive, but his ideal would have less of a chance of succeeding because "vision" suggests that the things seen will come to pass no matter what.

Hopefully, we will use the current election cycle to actively seek the dream that Dr. King and the founding fathers envisioned. It might be idealistic, but wasn't that the plan?

This was the single piece of art created during this Sketchcrawl—I was distracted by other, equally fun activities.

I read I Am the Messenger for book club, but didn't go to the discussion. I was glad to have read the book anyway, and can recommend it.

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dcpeg said...

Very interesting take on Dr. King's dream. As I write this, it's raining and the sun has just broken through the clouds, so there's a rainbow out there somewhere. Hope it's a sign that you're also right about the political process that is heating up nicely.